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Pies the Limit

I've won every pie-eating contest I've entered. Granted, it's only been twice.  This happened two years in a row at the Arnold Park picnic. I'm not entirely certain but I think I was about 10 or 11 at the time. The second year, my little brother Eric won in his division.     What I do remember clearly is that we buried our faces in Hostess cherry fruit pies set up on picnic tables under the burning mid-western sun. The winner in each age category was rewarded with several Hostess products and a $25 savings bond. I could use that $25 about now.    We had to go to the picnic every year because my dad was on the park board or something really important like that. Plus, there were rides and games and tons of junk food, hence the cherry fruit pies.That picnic was the mainstay of our summer vacation. The fact that my little brother managed to excel at pie eating and win alongside me was just icing on the cake for our family. Eric even got his picture taken by the Jefferson Coun…