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Got Milk?

This may be uncomfortable for some, but when did breastfeeding become so ridiculously in vogue? You’re going to take something women have been doing since Eve and make it some kind of crazy badge of honor? Put pictures of it all over the Internet and chastise the crazy people who are offended by it? Has it really come to this? This is what we’ve come up with? There’s the pumping and the lawsuits and the magazine covers and the celebrities. What happens to those women who just can’t for whatever reason nurse their babies? Are they now supposed to feel less mommyish or just less in general? Seriously, we’ve come to the point where we just make up shit to judge people by. That’s where we are. I’m not big on the judging. Oh I’ve done my share, believe me. But the older I get the more I feel strongly that almost everything is none of my damn business. And if I actually tried to assert an opinion, there are so many topics to choose from that I think I’d be at a loss as to where to begin. We’re …

Help, Wanted

Thankfully, I’m experienced in the ways of the unemployed because it just happened again. Believe me, my first response was, “Lord, I’m getting too old for this shit.” I kept that to myself, however, when they took me downstairs away from everyone else to tell me my job was being “eliminated.” I’ve never liked that word. It sounds a lot like getting rid of something distasteful. Like waste or vomit or something. So, I just sort of sat there wondering how I was going to drive home and tell my husband. I've always left a job on my terms. I’ve never been eliminated before.        My husband was a champ. He said all the right things like he’ll be glad I’m home so he can see more of me. Don’t be hasty. File for unemployment and relax for a little while. Now I can help him with his upholstery work. I shouldn’t feel bad; it’s not my fault. He loves me. We’ll be fine.        Believe me, I was grateful for that reaction. Deep down I know he’s right and this time could be really crucial in m…

That's My Mama

Mother’s Day. Wow. If that doesn’t fuck up some women, I don’t know what will.
My own mother, she was a goddamn stark-raving, strong-woman cursing kind of saint. She didn’t play. You ask anybody, they’re all still scared of Doris and she’s been dead for almost eight years.
She always looked good. She had great legs and she damn well knew it. She was all of 115 pounds and maybe 5 foot 2 on a very good day. Then there was my dad of course. They must’ve met when she was like 15. Love at first gonad or something. They met, they married, they procreated. They fought. They loved. They taught us stuff and then they fought again. Their engagement photos stare down at me as I type now.
Honestly, if you asked any of my cousins, they’d all be a little bit afraid of both of them. Imagine what their children feel. A bit of awe and a bit of fear that maybe they’ll come down from whatever world Jesus allowed them to enter and still kick all of our asses.
Imagine how life is when both of your parents …