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There's No Friend Like An Old Friend

Even though I moved away from the little town of Parish, N.Y., years ago, I still keep in touch with my women friends I met while I lived there. I truly believe those were some of my best days. And nights.
    My kids were young and I was a single mom and still willing to try anything once. Or twice.
    Evelyn Stelmashuck and I had some of what I'd say were my grandest adventures. We had a little help at times from Bridget Swartz, Cheri Stookes, Janet Clerkin and Debbie Patterson. Those ladies are the best. They don't play. On second thought, they do play.
    Come 4th of July you'd find Evelyn, her brother Steve, her dad - we just always referred to him as "Pa" - her husband Gary (if she could convince him to go along with her) and her kids sitting in Steve's Chevy parked in his front yard, everyone watching the fireworks as they went off over the East Coast Resort a few miles away. I joined them a couple of times and I still don't under…