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Hair Care

I'd like to know how other people approach getting a haircut. Do you look at the magazines and pick one or do you know exactly what you want before you go to the hairdresser? Do you consider how your favorite haircut will look on your face or do you just go for it?
    I have asked for Meg Ryan's haircut for the past 12 years and I still haven't gotten it. Every cut looks like a shorter version of the same triangle of hair I've worn for the past 10 years. One cut looked a lot like my brother's hair in the summer of 1968.
    My latest attempt to replicate Meg's hair during the You've Got Mail days was met with a question from the girl who was about to do an Edward Scissorhands on me. She said, "So, you want the bottom trimmed and then you want the sides feathered, right?" Feathered. I haven't even heard that word in reference to my hair since 1981. How could she even know that term in 2014 and where did she attend school? Hoosier's Hairdre…