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Retro Roast Beef?

I just bought a roasting pan, the black one with white flecks. It is almost identical to the one I grew up with. I’m 54 and this makes me ever so happy. I am not sure that a beef roast evokes such strong memories in everyone. Growing up, we had roast on many a Sunday at home, or when I was very young, a roast at my grandma’s house on Sunday. That was the best meal of the week. The whole process today of searing the meat, cooking the onions, carrots, and mushrooms in a little red wine before they went into the big roasting pan, the whole thing was awesome. Right now, it’s all sitting in that fantabulous roasting pan at 325 degrees and I know better than I know my name, that shit will be delicious. What was it that made me not go out and buy a twenty-dollar roasting pan about 25 years ago? Why is it so important that it’s taken me my whole life to make that purchase? It’s been nothing to spend $100 at a time at Walmart or Target on deodorant, toilet paper, and laundry detergent f…