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Shit Needs to Hit the Fan

These are some tender times my friends. If I read stuff off the internet, I should be indignant over the fact that Robin Wright had to fight for her millions of dollars of pay to equal that of her House of Cards costar Kevin Spacey. I’m not calling her out, because she’s completely right — she should make at least the same as Spacey. My problem is, as usual, here’s an example of someone being treated unfairly and the rest of the universe recognizing it. Meanwhile, there are nearly 50 million people in the U.S. living with a disability and they often get denigrated for their portion of social security benefits. Supposedly we need watchdogs to focus on how all these disabled people beat the system.
It’s like when I used to get food from my local food pantry years ago. I worked two jobs, I had three kids — one with a certifiable disability — but the people at the food pantry had to be sure that I was okayed to get those cans of Spam. I regularly heard stories about millionaires who unfair…

Motherhood Is Real, Baby

There are so many mothers I know right now. Mothers younger than me, mothers older than me. All of them putting their babies above everything else. Except those mothers that I probably won’t write about, because we all know there are some bad ones. I digress.
Mothers are complicated. They want their children to be happy and at the same time they want them to learn valuable lessons. You want to hug your kids until they’re 87 years old and at the same time you want them to ride a bike without training wheels, make friends with appropriate peers, and choose raw broccoli dipped in spinach dip over a bag of Doritos by the time they’re 5. 
Sometimes I think we can’t have everything. Kids are going to make mistakes, do their own thing, not listen to you (me?) and sometimes they will not particularly care for us. Me included. That’s okay, sometimes I don’t care for me either. What I really want is for my children to care for themselves. To realize that they need to take a good look at their own…