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Age of Reason

I think the older my kids get the more I like them. It was hard to like them back when they refused to listen to me, or when they thought they could wear a T-shirt for 12 days running.
Now even if they don’t want to hear what I say, they’re still old enough to listen and then tell me I’m wrong. I tell you what, the older I get the more I like getting old. Why didn’t someone tell me about this sooner?
You get older and you don’t give a shit about what your hair looks like or whether or not you should wear a sleeveless shirt. You drink wine until your teeth turn blue and you watch things like America’s Funniest Videos over and over again.
I am here to tell you whether or not you make mountains of money or cook the best food or buy the best car doesn’t matter in the least. But then again, this is all I know. I could of course be wrong. But ask my kids and they’ll tell you I’m never wrong. I’ve always stood by that.
It’s amazing what happens when you get old. It’s like I’m just waiting for …