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What's in your grocery bag?

   I may be a registered Democrat but I’ve got to file a complaint against Michelle Obama’s obesity campaign.
   There aren’t a whole lot of people on the planet who don’t know that celery is a better snack than say, a marshmallow. We also know that a trip to the farmer’s market is better for us than a trip to the 7-11.
   I’ve got to tell Michelle that I can buy 8 boxes of mac and cheese for the same price as a bag of romaine. I can buy 10 cans of corn for 5 bucks and 10 ears of fresh corn for the same price. Which option is going to stretch further?
   I’d love to be able to go to any store and buy organic fresh food. I can’t. I go to the store with my budget in mind because that’s how you shop in the real world.
   As far as “Let’s Move!” is concerned, if I felt like moving at the end of my work day, believe me I would. It’s hard to get up and exercise after you’ve spent all day at a job where you make $500 a week and your grocery bill for your family will eat almost half of that, not to mention the rest of your bills.
   I’m sure the world would be a better place if we all just took her advice. I’m sure the world would be a better place if we all could take her advice. Believe me, a lot of us would love to but we just can’t.
   We’re supposed to think it’s charming that some of the first family’s clothes come from GAP or J. Crew. I just looked up J. Crew and a simple dress – misty fog floral shift dress – costs $198.00. Really? That’s great first family. Now I can really relate to you. I can relate to you and Kim Kardashian.
   We’re living in a time where the flashiest most expensive thing is the most coveted. A place where our appliances must be stainless steel and our cars should hold 12 people and include a back-up camera. We watch Honey Boo Boo’s mom laugh all the way to the bank – and I think Mama June has more sense than most of the executives at her network. 
   Our daughters wonder how they’ll land a boyfriend who looks like Justin Bieber and our sons want to wear $50 hoodies while they look for Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez.
   I watch the HGTV channel. I see the couples shaking their heads in disdain over the lack of a second walk-in closet. I see how upset they are that there’s carpet on the bedroom floor when they prefer hardwoods. Seriously, this is important?
   There’s a significant portion of the planet that digs through garbage for food and anything else they can find to help them survive. That’s where my problem with Michelle comes into play. Unless you can develop a real solution that translates into the real world, I’d rather you continue browsing your J. Crew catalogue. I hope you find a really great sweater to go with your slacks. And God forbid they look like mom jeans. 

Love conquers all things except poverty and toothache. Mae West


Deb said…
Do you have an Aldi nearby? I buy fresh spinach there every week, then corrupt it by plastering it between layers of "cheeze food" on preservative-riddled, white spongy bread. Makes me feel all healthy and noble. "What's in MY grocery bag?" Crap - delicious, delicious crap...and plenty of it.
Connie Berry said…
There's no Aldi's within reach. Catie keeps me posted on their best deals! We eat a lot of cheese food too. Delicious on canned peas I bet.

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